Daily Changes for Anxious People

   Fighting Anxiety is a Constant battle!       

       I don’t know if it is the rainy weather or visit from my monthly friend but I have let anxiety completely take over. This past week most nights have ended with me sitting in my bed mocking myself for how I acted that day. Even if nothing bad had happened that day, I couldn’t stop the bully in my brain. I went from having my own personal cheerleader, to it being a voice of negativity. I hate when these feelings start to take over. It seems like no matter how hard I try I can’t shake them. I do not drink often but when I do it is a crutch to get through awkward times.  Ending the night after a couple of drinks feeling just a bit more relaxed but this just kept the cycle going. Being dehydrated and relying on fried foods and coffee wasn’t going to help me. This time instead of relying on medication to get through this hard time I relied on daily changes.

Daily Changes For Anxious People

            In one of my previous article I talked about weaning off prescriptions medications. It is a very slow journey and I am still trudging through. I guess you could say I am winning. My mind no longer thinks I could never live without antianxiety medications. Instead of reaching for a pill bottles, I place a finger over my right nostril and deep breathe. You would be amazed at how quickly this can also make you calm down! Even just taking three minutes out of your day to mediate will help your mental health.

            I take valerian root to sleep instead of prescription medications.  When I have had two coffees and feel my anxiety rising I switch to water. There are simple changes in your life that you can make to have a better life. Your body is a being of all these working parts. How could you think each piece doesn’t affect the others? A machine that can only function properly if well maintained. Drinking alcohol or popping a pill makes you feel better by masking the real problem. What is causing you to feel this way? Which part of your body needs you attention?

             Exercise is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood. If you make the simple daily change to decide to exercise your happiness will increase. Mental illness is a journey. It is a battle to stay healthy every day. It is a struggle of making the decision to not return to bad habits but continue to go through life optimistically.


Listen to Your Body

             I have stomach issues that relate to exactly how anxious I am. It is my first sign that I am letting my mind take over instead of be my partner. Listen to your body! What is it telling you? Do you feel better when you eat healthy snack every two hours? If you start your day with a huge glass of water instead of coffee does that day seem less stressful? You will instantly see benefits when you start making small daily change. Before you know it drinking four coffees a day will seem like a distant memory. Exercising will comes as second nature to you. Time is going to move no matter what the question is, “Who are you going to be a year from now?”


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