Hypnosis a Mind Opening Experience

    I found my first guided hypnosis at an online university called Udemy. The first class I took, I paid $40 for and it was specific to your most important future goal.


Before starting the man doing the hypnosis has you think about your biggest goal. I have big dreams, so that came quickly. I inserted my headphones and for this one I stood and I began to listen.


This man’s calming voice led me to a place where I was looking into a window on my biggest goal. I could smell the scents and feel the happiness. It was like watching my favorite movie.

Next he brought me into the scene. He had me living my biggest dream in my mind. It was a refreshing experience. I did it three times. I had never thought out every detail of my goals before. … now all the details were just falling into place and my dream was being built right behind my eyes. This hypnosis was only 10 minutes. I felt inspired after it.

I tried it again…

The second hypnosis I did, was from the same online university mentioned above. It was free. This one had some introduction videos. Everyone can be hypnotize was one of the first statements. You just have to let go and let the process happen. This hypnosis was really more about relaxing every muscle in your body to have this sense of serenity. So his voice vibrates through my body, as he pays special attention to relaxing each muscle. Just as he says which muscle to focus on you, you start to feel your muscles become almost unnaturally relaxed. I was literally feeling like my eyes lids were so heavy that I couldn’t lift them. I was lying down during this hypnosis. The hypnosis was 20 minutes. I will say when I started I was anxious and I felt a lot calmer afterwards.


The one problem I had is I have a three year old, so twenty minutes of complete silence doesn’t happen. My hypnosis was interrupted after about half my body was relaxed and after that I was just frustrated . I couldn’t get back the relaxing feeling. So, the only negative is that you have to be able to be in silence with no distractions during hypnosis.

Overall, I would defiantly do it again. I don’t see how it would be a tool you could practice everyday. Maybe I’m just not thinking out of the box. Any ideas on how to work hypnosis into everyday lives?

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