Natural Sleep Aids For Those Suffering With Insomnia

If you are having trouble sleeping try some of these tips before going the route of prescriptions.

Beginning Tips

First start off by setting aside 8 to 9 hours to sleep. Set an alarm to do this every day until there is a day you wake up before your alarm. Always try to go to bed before midnight and reserve the bedroom for sleeping and sex. Are there habits you have before bed that are affecting your sleep? Are you drinking caffeine right before you go to sleep or is your blood sugar low or high? Pay attention to the days that you can’t sleep and see if any of these things contribute to it.


Set Your Environment

I know you want to take action and find a solution so here are some things you can do. Drink a calming tea with a tablespoon of gelatin and/or take an Epsom salt bath prior to sleep. You can always do some calming yoga before trying to go to sleep. Try and set a good sleep environment. Easy no costs things you can do are shut off the Wi-Fi, sleep with your cell phone 6 feet away from you, and try to minimize blue light around you. Some purchases you can make to better set your environment is a sound machine, earthing sheets, blackout curtains, sleep mask, and an amber-colored light. Earthing sheets will reconnect you with the Earth’s energy while you’re sleeping and an amber-colored light will represent fire like our ancestors slept next to.

Botanicals as Natural Sleep Aids

There are also botanicals that you can turn to. Examples range from Magnolia, passion fruit flower, valerian, orally ingested lavender oil, and ashwaganaha. These can be found dried encapsulated or as tinctures.

Now homeopathic medicine is very complex and should always be done by a professional. There are some general tools to help you with sleep though. Ignatia Amara will help if you are having feelings of discouragement about your insomnia. If you have nervous and/or mental fatigue 30 c of Kali Phosphoricum might help. If you are tired and then when you lay down you’re awake then try 30 c of Ambra Grisea. Lastly if your sleep cycle is interrupted 30c Arsenicum Album can be tried to fall back asleep.


Have any other techniques worked for you? Please share in the comments.

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