Rewording Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts

Negativity Clouding My Mind

I lost myself this month. Lost myself in what if’s and depression. I was letting the negativity soak into my life therefore negative things kept happening. Seems like negative things keep happening. Maybe I choosing to focus on the negative things. I strongly believe that the energy you put out is the energy you receive back. I kept saying, “I am just not in the right head space right now.” My positive outlook needed to come back in a desperate way.

Three weeks of battling tears and finally I decided to be proactive. I have learned many tools over the years to deal with anxious thoughts but, in my darkest of days, I purposely stop myself. It’s like my body is fighting me to not help myself. I finally sat down with a pen and paper in my hand. Yes, typing releases my tension, but there is no feeling like a pen in your hand and the paper between your fingers.

You Are A Badass and You Are A Badass at Making Money

The above books are defiantly not the first one who has preached to write down positives. Jen Sincero gave me a window into how I could change my mind from the negative to the positive thoughts. Whether it’s the thought about money or yourself.

Experiment with Writing Down Positive Thoughts

Take the negative statements that play through your brain and reword them into positive thoughts.
I sat with a notebook resting on my knees. Here I am holding myself to a higher standard. Finally, I decided I was strong enough to pull myself out of this negativity and I began to write.

I am …
grateful for my job
 happy can that afford the things I need and want.
 blessed to have healthy children.
thankful for being blessed with children
grateful for all money has helped me accomplish.
Ioverjoyed  I have money to feed and dress my family.

Get Corny To Get Positive

Yes! Sometimes you have to get corny.  Putting good energy into the world is going to send positive things into your life. I started rewording my negative thoughts into positive thoughts as a result positive things started to happen for me.

First of all, I  received a $3.00 check in the mail. Probably you are thinking, “$3.00 defiantly is not going to solve my problems!” Opposite of those type of person I am not going to be mad about getting money mailed to me.

Most of all I got a 3% raise and I know some people will say 3% is nothing. I am not going to complain about the generosity of a company that gives all of its employees raises. Not all people are blessed to work for a company that is capable of doing this.


In conclusion, make it your decision to change your circumstances because you are more than capable!

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