Yefim Shubentsov: The Mad Russian

My friend mentioned that she was going to see somewhat of a hypnotist, Yefim Shubentsov. He helps people quit smoking. He also helps over eaters, addicts, and pain suffers. After paying $65 dollars and spending her day in Brookline Ma. Her smile and an empowerment to never smoke again were contagious.

She described the experience to me…

She walked up to the building and there was already a line of believers piled outside a modest building. One by one they strolled in to see this man Yefim Shubenstov. Each one with a hope to have their problems answered and change their lives.

Everyone sat in a room all staring at a 75-year-old man with a thick Russian accent. He started by explaining his technique and how there is no hypnosis involved. He talked about common sense and choices. Individually, he brought each person into a room. In an empty room in a chair she sat waiting for what was about to come. Excited about what this man could do that she had failed at many times before. She become completely relaxed and picture herself smoking with her eyes closed. He never touched her or anyone else. She felt his movement around her and a swish noise and that was it.

So automatically I thought girl you have been played. Someone told you a story and now you have thrown money and your day away. ( What a judgmental thing to think)

She interrupted me…

She said after leaving, she walked out of there with a relief. Her common sense was telling her that she should quit smoking. It was like she needed somebody to say it is okay. Now is the time to quit smoking! At that time she had been 5 days into quitting and she still had an optimistic glow. Something thing she told me that stuck with me was he gave her his card and said if she felt like smoking to please contact him.

At first I was skeptical! I was intrigued by what this man was doing. He was helping people without compromising your body. I needed more answers! After taking a picture of his business card, a couple of weeks later finally got around to checking out Yefim Shubentsov.

Yefim Shubentsov is world-renowned!!

The show 20/20 has covered his technique. He has also had a Harvard case study done about his technique. The study showed he helped 50% of people. Some might say that is not a dramatic amount of people.

He charges a one time fee of $65 dollars and welcomes you to contact him if you feel like you are falling back into your bad habit. This is what really warms my heart. This man is not in it for the money or the fame. He has many celebrities that have said he has helped them. With all this recognition he has never raised his price. He doesn’t advertise just relies on word of mouth. I’d share his website, but I couldn’t find one. I’ll post the 20/20 video so you can indulge your curiosity.


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