Turmeric: A Treatment for Depression instead of Prozac


bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavouring and colouring in Asian cooking and formerly as a fabric dye.


About six months ago another diagnosis was thrown my way. I was told what I thought were anxious thoughts might be obsessive thoughts. Now my therapist was saying OCD also needed to be explored in my treatment plan. At this point I have been told I have anxiety, ADD, mood disorder, and now OCD. I wasn’t really buying it but I still mentioned it to my doctor. His response was to add another medication to what seemed like my already overpowering daily concoction. I was introduced to Prozac.

“One of the many shortcomings of pharmaceuticals is that the intensity of their primary effect so far outpaces what would be achieved naturally that it’s the difference between a skilled driver sensing the nuances of the road and putting a heavy rock on the gas pedal. The collateral damage exacted by medications represents the fact that they have “unintended” effects that may not be desirable. This is how we develop the “whack-a-mole” phenomenon of suppressing symptoms only to cause others” – Kelly Brogan: Move over Prozac: How Turmeric Helps with Depression

Well about a month ago I called the pharmacy for my refill. The pharmacist explained I had no refills for that medication. I hung up and decided I wasn’t going to take the Prozac anymore. Truthfully, I am still on two other daily medications. So it’s not like I’m going rogue and placing my self in harms way. When I mentioned it to my doctor I could see he was less than pleased. Smiling he said “You know you can call for refills right?” I laughed,” I don’t want to take that medication anymore.” He didn’t agree but he didn’t argue.

I have read many articles of the effects that antidepressants and specifically Prozac have on a person. The withdrawals of the drugs often mimicking mental illness. My goal is to stop taking all medications but, that doesn’t just happen over night. Three weeks without Prozac and I started to become very emotional. All of sudden I couldn’t get through a TV or commercial with out shedding a tear. My patience were less and less. Having two children, patience is something you need to practice every day.

I went to the internet and I researched herbal supplements that can replace Prozac. I was looking for something to help me with this new onset depression I had never felt before. The article by Dr. Kelly Brogan, Move Over Prozac: How Turmeric Helps With Depression was the first thing to cross my eye.


Turmeric is a Wonder Spice


Starting A Turmeric Supplement

I went to my closest all natural store and found a turmeric supplements. A pill you take three times a day.  I have now been taking it three times a day for seven days. Tears are no longer streaming down my face during every video I watch. My emotions feel more under control. If I do not take the supplement with food I do feel dizzy and nauseas.  The pills are quite large and hard to swallow. Not only that but I am trying to stay away from taking more and more pills a day. I have researched and found other ways to ingest Turmeric.

After I finish all the pills I will try to wean of coffee and introduce Turmeric Tea. I am taking baby steps to live a chemical free life.

I do not recommend any one stops taking their antidepressants.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not floating on cloud nine. I am functioning but, the withdrawal from Prozac will not be forever. There are more changes that are coming in my life. I also started to take daily probiotics and I plan to remove caffeine. I’ll let you know how that goes later on. If anyone has any suggestions on any other herbal supplements please comment. 🙂

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